Royal Legoland in Windsor

Remember my visit in May 2016 to Legoland in Billund, Denmark? This year me and the same two friends visited Legoland in Windsor, Great Britain (see also Royal Lego in Windsor and London). It was very nice, but somewhat of a disappointment after Billund, which is bigger and has more royal buildings. We especially missed the information for all the buildings shown. Most of the time we had to guess what we saw (luckily I am rather good at that).

Of course there was London with the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben … and other non-royal buildings. Also St Paul’s Cathedral, but no sign of the famous Westminster Abbey. A bit of a change from Billund where the most important royal palaces of Denmark are all on show. This was it, no Windsor, no Balmoral or Sandringham. But in London it also had the Horse Guard’s Parade, and if you go want something once royal outside England: Edinburgh Castle was there too. I must admit that you could have a lovely view at the real Windsor Castle when you were standing at the viewpoint near the entrance.

There was a Scottish and a Welsh castle too, but I have no idea whether they were just phantasy castles or real ones, as there wasn’t much information given. There was also a lovely lego version of the Louvre in Paris, France.

We were lucky with the weather, and it only started raining when we were back in Windsor centre in the late afternoon. Legoland Windsor is build on a hill – as there are no trains up and down (at least the one there was didn’t work when we wanted to go up again) – which is not very handy for people with prams, wheelchairs etc. We had a look at all the lego objects, tried out a few short trains and roller coasters, had a look at the new Viking park. Over all we did enjoy ourselves, but unlike in Denmark one day was more than enough for a visit to Legoland Windsor.

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