My Interview at Radio Noord

A book of course needs some promotion. This morning I was invited to the studios of the provincial radio channel Radio Noord of the province of Groningen. In the program “Babette op Noord” I talked about my hobby, my work as a royalty journalist and of course the new book “5 Jaar Koningspaar” by Bernard Rübsamen and me. It is all in Dutch, but now you can at least hear my voice. My five minutes of “fame” are at about 18:00. On RTV Noord’s tv-channel you could also see what happened in the studio this morning, so I was able to show the book. And afterwards they took my photo with book for their Facebook site.

I hope tomorrow will be a bit of a quiet day, as on Friday I will be one of the journalists following the royals at King’s Day. Luckily for me it is close to home.

The Radio Broadcast

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