Hell of a week

Few posts this year on the blog thus far, which has several reasons.

After a few lovely quiet days, the royal year 2023 really started off, when on Thursday 5 January the new book by Prince Harry, “Spare”, was sold already five days earlier than planned. Hell broke loose. Thousands and thousands of articles were published about every single detail. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees sometimes anymore. And working for a news agency it was my job to find the best and most interesting articles for our customers. It took me hours. No less than four tv-interviews, one magazine interview and one newspaper interview have appeared since. There was hardly a single moment of silence.

And it seems to continue forever, as Prince Harry told the Telegraph he has more than enough material, hitting the royals much harder, for another book. Although I do have understanding for the fact that Harry and Meghan left the family, I don’t think this is the right way to go. Does he really want to continue his whole life fighting the monarchy? Or for the modernization of the institute that he has actually left? I can’t imagine it would make anyone happy. I did rather like the Netflix series “Harry & Meghan”, but if they go on like this, they’ve definitely lost my support. However I recommend him to have a closer look at the media, as they’re certainly not all slammers and paparazzi. I have started reading “Spare” by the way.

Then on Tuesday 10 January former King Constantine II of the Hellenes (Greece) sadly died aged 82 after a few days in hospital in Athens, Greece. This added up to the amount of work I had to do for the press agency tremendously, as it led to quite a bit of news, both in Greece and abroad. He will be buried at Tatoi cemetery in his homeland on Monday.

Afterwards I hope the royal world will calm down. Apart from the 50th birthday of a friend on Friday 6 January, I haven’t been out of the house a lot recently. The bad weather doesn’t really help. I started the year full of plans. Apart from an interesting project I can’t talk about yet, I am planning to stop posting regular news on this blog. The reasons: there are too many other blogs and social media sites posting the news much quicker than I can. My work stops me from that. Don’t worry, the blog won’t fully disappear: royal information, travels and books will remain. Also there will be wedding/funeral reports if I have any material. But I have a new exciting plan that I already told some people about. I hope that I will be able to tell more soon. Stay tuned!

I shouldn’t forget: I created a new NettyRoyal logo, not yet on top of this forum, but I have uploaded it on social media.

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