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There are many magazines and TV-channels that sometimes report about the royals in the world. There are however just very few specialized magazines, not surprisingly they are almost all published in monarchies. But which specialized magazines are around? Unfortunately apart from some English language magazines, most of them are only available in the country itself. An overview:

  • Adel aktuell, published monthly in Germany.
  • Adel heute, since 2012 monthly published in Germany. Not really high quality, rather gossip.
  • Alles over Koninklijke Geschiedenis, quarterly magazine in Dutch about royal history. Stopped being published 2017.
  • Billed Bladet Royal, which seems to be published in Denmark four + 1 times a year.
  • De Oranjes, special of the Dutch magazine Royalty, appears about three times a year.
  • European Royal History Journal, quarterly from the USA, mainly about royal history.
  • Frau im Spiegel Royal, a German magazine about royalty that is published every two months. My German favourite.
  • Gotha Royal, published in France. Apparently not an own website and I am not quite sure whether it is still being published.
  • History of Royals, published in Great Britain. Stopped being published in 2017.
  • Hofjournaal / Le journal Royal, quarterly magazine in Dutch or French, only on sale in Belgium. It stopped being published.
  • Koninklijke Hoogheid, a tiny magazine published by the Dutch royal historian Arnout van Cruyningen.
  • Kungliga Magasinet, Swedish magazine that used to publish six regular issues a year and three special issues. Unfortunately it hasn’t been published for several years now.
  • Majesty Magazine, montly magazine published in Great Britain.
  • Royal Life, appears six times a year in Great Britain.
  • Royal Russia, appears twice a year, published in Canada in the English language.
  • Royals, a Belgian magazine that appeared several times a year between 1999 and 2017. At one time the magazine was even published in Dutch, French and German.
  • Royalty, a British montly magazine.
  • Royalty, Dutch magazine that appears 10 times a year + two De Oranje issues.
  • Royalty Digest Quarterly, appears four times a year. Published in Sweden in English language. Mainly about royal history.
  • Royauté, a French magazine that seems to appear every three months. NOT recommendable, outdated articles often already published elsewhere.
  • Vorsten, a montly Dutch magazine (+ a year special) that has appeared since 1973.

Other magazines that regularly have reports about royals and nobles, but are not about royals only, are for example:

  • Annales Monégasques, a yearly magazine about the history of Monaco and its princely family.
  • Aspects of History, a bi-monthly British magazine about history.
  • Billed Bladet, a Danish weekly magazine with lots of royal coverage.
  • Bunte, German weekly magazine with sometimes quite nice reports about nobles and royals. And happily about the only one still regularly covering noble weddings.
  • Hello, weekly British magazine with some royal news and sometimes great extensive reports.
  • Hello Monaco , a magazine from Monaco that seems to appear three times a year in English and Russian, with several reports about and interviews with the princely family.
  • Hola, weekly Spanish magazine with some royal news and sometimes great extensive reports.
  • Paris Match, a French weekly magazine that also has a Belgian version. Some noble and royal coverage, and popular with the Monegasque royals lately.
  • Point de Vue, French weekly magazine with lots of noble and royal coverage.
  • Royals, a Russian magazine covering celebs and royals. Unfortunately the magazine no longer exists.
  • Svensk Damtidning, Swedish weekly magazine about celebs and royals.

There are also very few tv-programs about royals.

  • Audiencia Abierta, A Spanish TV-program broadcasted on Saturday afternoon.
  • Blauw Bloed, a Dutch TV-program broadcasted almost each Saturday evening, apart from in the Summer. After a 2022 break the program returned early 2023.
  • Cámara Real, a Spanish TV-program by the channel TeleMadrid, that was started with the intention of bringing the people of Madrid closer to their King and Queen.
  • Hart van Oranje, a Dutch TV-program that started broadcasting early 2020, but wasn’t continued.
  • Kungligt med Jenny Alexandersson, a royal special was broadcasted in the morning news by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet for about ten minutes on Thursdays until about 2021.
  • NOS Koningshuis, the Dutch NOS tries to report about the biggest royal events in the Netherlands, and sometimes abroad.
  • Place Royale, the Belgian weekly TV-program (in French) by RTL about royals.
  • Royalty, a Belgian weekly TV-program (in Dutch) by VTM about royals, on TV from 1996 to 2016.
  • Royalty, the German TV-channel ARD regularly broadcasts royal programs.
  • Secrets d’Histoire, by Stéphane Bern, very popular in France and often about royalty.
  • ZDF Royal, the German TV-channel ZDF regularly broadcasts royal programs.

If you know of any other magazines or TV-programs about royals, please let me know. I am very curious to know if there are some I don’t know about yet.

4 thoughts on “Royal Magazines and TV-Programs

  1. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet sends TV news every morning, and once a week, on Thursdays, they have a special on royalty, about ten minutes. The special is called “Kungligt med Jenny Alexandersson”.
    Thank you for a nice blog.

  2. Kungliga magasinet has not been published for several years, unfortunately.
    As Stella says, the podcast with Jenny Alexandersson and Sara Eriksson is great, if you understand swedish.

    Desirée from Sweden

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