A Very Royal Wedding in Wertheim (1)

The actual wedding of Count Constantin Fugger von Babenhausen and Princess Sophie zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg took place on Saturday 24 June 2017 in Wertheim. But more about the wedding in a later post, as it doesn’t happen often that I get a few nice pictures of a Polterabend, the pre-party that took place the previous evening. I have never really attended one so I can’t tell you exactly what happens during the party. But according to Wikipedia the guests actually break porcelain to bring luck to the marriage. The bridal couple celebrate together with friends and have a good time, but of course they’re allowed to leave earlier to be fresh on the wedding day itself.

Whereas the bride’s family lives at Kreuzwertheim Palace, the Polterabend of the bridal couple was actually held at the old castle of Wertheim. The bride and groom arrived and even happily posed for my friend Gabi. The bride wore a lovely flower wreath on her head and wore a blue-yellow dirndl dress. Many guests wore dirndls (the women) or lederhosen (leather breeches; the men). This traditional dress is still worn often in Austria and in the southern part of Germany. They come in a variety of colours and in different styles, and even in more modern versions. To people living elsewhere in the world they might look a bit old-fashioned. But I must admit I do especially like the dirndls.

A few more pictures at Royalty Guide.

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