Flower Decoration for a Royal Wedding

Nobles and royals who are getting married do have the same problem as any other couple that gets married. The wedding venue is often the easiest part, at least if the family still occupies a family castle. But otherwise also they have to find themselves one. And of course there is the flower decoration. How much do you want to spend on decoration? Which places have to be decorated? What is your colour scheme? Which flowers do you like best? All kind of questions that have to be answered. Over the years I have seen many different decorations inside and outside churches and palaces. Some like it subtle, others want as much flowers as possible. You can also adapt flowers to the season you’re getting married in.

Families with a noble or royal background often have family colours. I have noticed that especially these colours are well liked for either bridal bouquets or decoration. Others just choose the flowers they love. Above a few examples of flowers I did see over the years at the entrance of a church.

Inside the church you can place vases with flowers, decorate the church pews, the altar, the columns, or whatever you like.

Decorating the entrance to the wedding venue can also be lovely. On the left roses at the barrier of the castle. In the middle lots of fake flowers at the entrance gate of the castle and on the right lots of green with again fake flowers in the family colours red and white.

And of course also here huge bouquets or smaller flowers – and a red carpet – could decorate the entrance of the wedding venue. As you can see there are many possibilities.

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