Madeleine & Chris finally said yes!

Photo: Ewa-Marie Rundquist/The Swedish Royal Court

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has finally managed. She has gotten married today at the palace chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The groom Christopher O’Neill, who looked somewhat stiff in the past months, suddenly has become an enthusiastic and happy man. He even seemed to cry during the wedding, while Madeleine was smiling all the time. Nice wedding ceremony, party in English, very lovely when you are not that good in Swedish. And the weather was lovely, much more sunny than when Crown Princess Victoria got married.Watched TV4 and SVT online all the time from 2.30pm to 8pm. Love livestream. As usual it seems tv-channels like to show off their moderators, instead or leaving of the guests arriving somewhere. Especially when they have no idea who is on their screens, forgetting that some people watching might know. About 400 guests, not all of them very important to any of us. And the youngest guest, surprise, surprise, being 1-year-old Princess Estelle. Not counting all unborn babies.


Kissing after saying yes and exchanging rings, kissing again several times when appearing outside the palace for a short time just after the wedding. After a reception at the palace a two kilometer carriage ride through Stockholm, and ending up on a boat to Drottningholm Palace, where the party takes place tonight. Not too many royal guests but the ones who were there showed up as glamourous as they should be.


After the boat arrived at Drottningholm the bridal couple and their guests posed on the steps of the palace, before going inside for the party. I am sure that party will last until the early hours.


Screen shots: SVT and TV4

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