Watch the funeral of Prince Philip (Updated)

The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh on Saturday 17 April 2021 will be broadcasted in several countries all around the world. Here is a selection of programs connected to his death and funeral.

  • BBC World News, 12.30pm BST: Prince Philip’s funeral
  • Sky News, don’t know the times, but they should broadcast
  • YouTube The Royal Family, 2.30pm BST
United Kingdom
  • 16 April: BBC One, 7pm-8.05pm: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Remembered
  • BBC One, 11am-12pm: The Duke. In His Own Words
  • BBC One, 12.30pm-4.20pm: The Funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • ITV, 1.15pm-4.30pm: Prince Philip: A Royal Funeral
  • Sky One, 2.40pm-4pm: Prince Philip’s Funeral
  • BBC Two, 8.10pm-9.10pm: The Funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Channel 5, 9pm-10.20pm: Victoria. Queen in Mourning
  • There will also be coverage of the funeral on Saturday from 2pm to 4.10pm on Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service English, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Ulster. It will also be broadcast on BBC Radio Wales and BBC local radio.
  • Channel 7 broadcasts Prince Philip’s funeral service from 9.30pm. You can also watch a live stream on
  • Channel Nine: 9News have confirmed they will broadcast the funeral live in a TV special called The Funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  • The ABC will air the funeral.
  • Channel 10 will broadcast the funeral and repeat it on Sunday morning.
  • 16 April: ORF 2, 10.35pm-: Lord Mountbatten – Philips einflussreicher Ziehvater
  • ORF 3, 4.55pm-: Prinz Philip – Ein Leben für die Queen
  • ORF 3, 5.45pm-: Rivalinnen: Lady Diana und Elizabeth II.
  • ORF 3, 9.15pm-: Die Royals in Österreich
  • 18 April: ORF 3, 2.15pm-: Rivalinnen: Lady Diana und Elizabeth II.
  • 18 April: ORF 3, 3pm-: Prinz Philip – Ein Leben für die Queen
  • 18 April: ORF 3, 6.25pm-: Die Royals in Österreich
  • VTM, 2.15pm-3.20pm: Prins Philip, een leven in de schaduw van de Queen
  • RTBF 1, 3.15-4.15pm: Funérailles du Prince Philip
  • VTM, 3.20pm-5.50pm: Uitvaartplechtigheid voor prins Philip
  • VRT Één, 3.30pm-5pm: Uitvaartplechtigheid van Prins Philip
  • Live coverage starts April 17 at 8am ET online at, as well as on CTV, CTV News Channel and the CTV News app.
  • CBC’s coverage begins at 9am ET, also at, the CBC News app and CBC Gem. There will be a live stream on the main page. Coverage will continue until 1.30pm.
  • Coverage on CBC Radio One and CBC Listen will run from 10am to 11am ET.
  • ČT 24, 3.30pm-5pm: Poslední rozloučení s princem Philipem
  • DR1, 10.15am-11am: Windsor-dynastiet: Sandheden om det britiske kongehus
  • DR 1, 12.30pm-1.20pm: Storbritannien i farver
  • TV 2, 1.05pm-2pm: Prins Philip – med egne ord
  • DR1, 1.20pm-: Mindeporträt af prins Philip
  • TV 2, 2pm-5.55pm: Et sidste farvel til prins Philip
  • DR1, 2.20pm-5.30pm: Prins Philips begravelse – direkte fra Windsor Castle
  • 18 April: DR2, 8pm-: Mindeporträt af prins Philip
  • 20 April: DR2, 6.55pm-: Mindeporträt af prins Philip
  • YLE TV1, 4.25pm-6.25pm: The funeral of Prince Philip
  • 18 April, MTV3, 5.55pm-7pm: Prinssi Philip. Kuninkaallinin elämä
  • France 2, 3.05pm-5.10pm: Les obsèques du Prince Philip
  • TF1, 3.05pm-5.10pm: Les obsèques du Prince Philip
  • RTL, 12pm-1pm: William – Prinz der Herzen, König der Zukunft
  • RTL, 1pm-2pm: Queen Elizabeth – Eine Familiengeschichte
  • NDR, 1.45pm-: Abschied von Prinz Philip
  • RTL, 2pm-5.45pm: Goodbye, Prinz Philip!
  • Sat1, 2.30pm-: Abschied von Prinz Philip – SAT.1 Spezial
  • ZDF, 3.15pm-5.08pm: Die Trauerfeier für den Duke von Edinburgh
  • ARD, 4.15pm-6pm: Brisant Extra
  • NDR, 8.15pm-: Abschied von Prinz Philip
  • NDR, 8.30pm-: Die Queen – standhaft in stürmischen Zeiten
  • HR, 9.45pm-: Philip von Battenberg. So hessisch sind die Royals
  • NDR, 11.50pm-: Queen Elizabeth II. – Ein Porträt
  • 18 April: HR, 4.20pm-: Philip von Battenberg. So hessisch sind die Royals
  • 18 April: ZDF, 11.45pm: ZDF-History: Prinzgemahle im Auftrag ihrer Majestät
  • 2 Nyhetskanalen, 2pm-6pm: Prins Philips begravelse
  • NRK 1, 3pm-5.10pm: Prins Philips begravelse
  • TVR1, 4.30pm-6pm: Funeraliile prinţului Philip, duce de Edinburgh
  • SVT 2, 3pm-4pm: Charles och Diana: Århundradets bröllop
  • SRF1, 1.10pm-: Prinz Philip – Ein Leben für die Queen
  • SRF1, 2pm-: G&G Royal, Trauerfeier Prinz Philip
The Netherlands
  • NPO 1, 3.30pm-5pm: Uitvaart Prins Philip
  • NPO 2, 7.50pm-: Blauw Bloed
  • CNN, 8am-10.30am (Central Daylight Time)
  • CNN International, 8am-12pm (Central Daylight Time)
  • MSNBC, 8am-11am (Central Daylight Time)
  • ABC News, 9.30am ET. ABC News Live will have full live streaming. ABC News Digital and GMA Digital will have comprehensive coverage of the funeral on and Also coverage on ABC News Radio und ABC NewsOne.
  • NBC, 9.30am EST
  • Streaming service NBC News Now
  • Fox News Channel, 8am-11am (Central Daylight Time)

2 thoughts on “Watch the funeral of Prince Philip (Updated)

  1. Netty:
    Thank you so very much for the information on Prince Phillip’s funeral. I searched everywhere, at least those sites I visit and found it on a site thousands of miles away!!!
    Yours is a go to resource for anything royal, which, I am so glad I found.
    All the best.

  2. Thank you for posting this list of viewing resources. A surprising number of TV stations had broadcast Prince Philip’s funeral & who didn’t broadcast it live, showed extensive highlight reels of it so it was easy to catch up on. Hope you got your fill of British Royalty for the Spring from this event, I know I did!

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