Schaumburg-Lippe: wedding present request

A request by Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Mahkameh zu Schaumburg-Lippe to anyone who wants to help. There is not much time to raise the money necessary anymore. This was posted both on social media and elsewhere:

On the occasion of our wedding on October 9, 2021, we sent the following fundraising appeal to all our friends. Many have generously donated, but we have not reached our goal yet. Will you help a dying mother with her last wish, please?

Our wedding wish

Dear friends,
when we celebrated our civil wedding last year with a smaller circle of friends than we are expecting in Bückeburg on October 8 and 9, we received many beautiful gifts that made us very grateful and happy. This year, many of you have asked us if we had any particular wishes or if we had set up a wedding list.

We have neither. Instead, we are simply asking you to help a fellow Bückeburger.

We are asking you give hope to a dying woman and a future to her child.

Our friend Sabine Kaboth is a single mother, at 49 in the prime of her life, as one might think. She is – or was – a freelance journalist and a book author, she is a resident of Bückeburg, where she is well-known as a lively, outspoken and popular lady.

In 2020, her life fell apart when she was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer which by now has become terminal. In all likelihood, Sabine will not live to see her 50th birthday or, indeed, the end of the current year.

Her greatest worry and concern now is not for herself, but for her 13 year old son Nevio who suffers from dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. In the event of her death, he will most likely be forcibly committed to a child care institution or a foster home and thereby separated from his sister Lara, who, at 19, is considered by authorities to be incapable of looking after her brother herself. This separation would be a crushing blow to both Nevio and Lara after already having lost their mother.

There is, however, one solution which could save both of them. Sabine has identified an affordable boarding school which specializes in differently abled children and is willing to take Nevio in, at as modest a charge as they can responsibly ask for.

For this cause, we would like to raise funds.

And that is why we ask you to help the Kaboth family by donating any amount you may find appropriate so that Nevio can attend his boarding school.

We have set up a donation account at
Volksbank Hameln-Stadthagen
IBAN: DE49 2546 2160 0700 7000 00
Inhaber /propr.: Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Hilfe e.V.
Verwendungszweck / Intended purpose: „Spende Sabine”.

Sabine has written down her story for us in German, and we have made an attempt to translate it for you into English. Please find both manuscripts attached. It is not a short read.

Thank you all very much in advance!

Much love
Mahkameh and Alexander

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