A cute birthday present

Already this weekend I celebrated my birthday a bit. I turned 48 (!) today, 13 September. I got a few cards, some chocolate and money. My sister came with the cutest present: a pet portrait. She said she had bought it on Ali Express: a pet portrait poster. She used a picture of my cat Prince Harry, not knowing that he unfortunately would die soon afterwards. I have no idea whose portrait it was originally, but now it is Prince Harry in a royal costume with crown. The original is a bit bigger, and with the whole collar, but it wasn’t easy to photograph and this at least gives you an idea. It looks amazing. So what do you think? And can anyone tell me which King the actual portrait was?

3 thoughts on “A cute birthday present

  1. Just going by his collar and clothes, I would say he is dressed like James VI of Scotland, who became James I of England and Scotland. The first Stuart King.

  2. You must be missing Prince Harry cat. What a sweet face. And a lovely memory. A very thoughtful gift for your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, dear Netty.
    I very much enjoy your blog and wish you many more encounters with noble and royal people.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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