Getting rid of a part of my collection (1)

For many years I just kept lots of royal articles and newspaper clippings in boxes, stored in my bedroom. Covered in dust and I almost never had a look at them. I never found the time to make a lot of scrapbooks either. Of course in the meantime scrapbooks have become terribly old fashioned, the glue being sold in the shops is not the good quality anymore it used to be.

So I have finally decided to get rid of lots of stuff in these boxes, and not offering them to other fans. My parents and visitors will surely be very happy about it, as my house had become a bit of a mess. I haven’t finished yet, but my bedroom suddenly starts to become rather empty. But I can’t just throw away stuff without having a look at it. I have discovered a real treasure chest, not to keep but so lovely to have a look at. More than 20 years of archived material brings back many memories: births, marriages, funerals, local visits, state visits, Queen’s Days …

Although most of the time I wonder why I have kept all the stuff I never looked at anymore, and there might be a report in one of the magazines I have, I take out things that I will possibly keep: posters, interviews, press material. I have even found back articles mentioning my website, some of them I didn’t even know anymore they existed. I surely keep them (and hopefully I don’t throw away anything important) and might scan them to save on my website later on.

Still a lot of work to do and the paper container around the corner is very happy with my daily visits I guess. When having finished with magazines and other stuff, the next step will be sorting out and clean my bookcases. I am intending creating another blog where I will offer books for sale. It actually already exists, but is offline for now. I keep you all informed.

4 thoughts on “Getting rid of a part of my collection (1)

  1. I have a complete collection of the Handbuch Bayern and of the Etat Present de la Noblesse Belge .

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