Royal stuff to read at Christmas

I can’t say I always like the post, especially not in recent weeks. Today my TV-guide (a paper version) arrived far too late and already three out of seven days I had to figure out elsewhere what was on TV. I of course missed one of my favourite programs on Sunday evening. I had to reorder the magazine Vorsten, that was supposed to arrive late November, twice before it finally arrived three weeks late.

But today my mailbox looked wonderful. Two big envelopes from two friends, one from Finland, another one from Germany, arrived full of nice royal items. I just have to share. I first opened the mail of my German friend Gabi, who sent me copies of the latest Frau im Spiegel Royal. It is the closest to a royal magazine Germany has nowadays I think. There was an order of service in it from a recent noble wedding, and also a lovely Christmas card. The mail from Finland was even better. My Finnish friend Kaija lives in Russia at the moment and apart from the Swedish magazine “Mama” with an interview with Princess Madeleine of Sweden about her children, she also sent me a few imperial Russian souvenirs. One of the booklets is about Russian tsars, the other one might be about the Kremlin, but I am not quite sure.

Enough to read in the coming weeks also! Not that I really have a Christmas break, but it certainly is a quiet period.

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