The Newest Additions to my Royal Collection

On Saturday 14 October 2017 for the 16th (!!!) time the Royals Verzamelbeurs in Nijverdal was being held. Every year (see my report from 2014) Wilbert Slooijer and his crew do their utmost best to make it a wonderful day for sellers and buyers. If you’re not planning to buy anything, don’t go, as otherwise you might become quite tempted to buy some new stuff for your royal collection anyway. Bring enough money, or otherwise you have to go to one of the nearby supermarkets to get some more from a cash machine or by buying something and pin extra money.

I never intend to buy much, and just find it nice to meet with other royalty watchers. But every year I bring some items home. Also this time. Somehow I ended up mainly buying stuff related to Luxembourg or Liechtenstein. I am certain my friends from Luxarazzi will be very pleased! I did find two books about Fürst Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein, one about the history of the Duchy of Nassau and one about clothes for the elite (among them some Dutch royals). Somewhat older are books about the royal visit of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands to Friesland in 1905, the crowning of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937, a short history and family tree of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein (last entry 1944, Fürst Hans Adam II born 1945 not yet mentioned) and a very cute tiny booklet from approximately 1942 about the later King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark and their cute daughter Princess Margrethe.

Furthermore I found a few lovely postcards and photos (at least partly press photos), which are Luxembourg related. Some early 1980s Ligne weddings are among them. Thanks to Marianne and Albert from Royal Press Europe I also extended my collection of order of services a bit. The newest postcards by Royal Press Europe were unfortunately not there yet, but should arrive next week.

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