Some Royal Statues in The Hague

For a change I took a different route through The Hague, The Netherlands yesterday. I walked back from the Gemeentemuseum to the city centre, passing the gymnasium Amalia, Princess of Orange, visits since one and a half year, the Peace Palace … Finally I reached the Noordeinde, which of course is familiar with its royal bookshop Van Hoogstraten and the palace itself.

In front of the Noordeinde Palace is the equestrian statue of Prince Willem of Orange (1533-1584). On the other side of the street is also a monument for Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880-1962). Never had seen flowers there I think, but there were some this time. It was created by sculptress Charlotte van Pallandt.

Sorry for the bad quality, but it was starting to get late and somewhat darker than earlier that day. On the left another statue of Prince Willem of Orange (1533-1584), this time at the “Plein”. I can’t remember having seen the one on the right before, situated at the Lange Voorhout. It is dedicated to Duke Carl Bernhard von Sachsen-Weimar (1792-1862), protector of art and science, erected as a tribute by contemporaries in 1866. He was according to the monument a courageous and prudent warrior, who had been faithfull to the Netherlands always.

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  1. Duke Carl Bernhard was the father of princess Amalia, first wife of prince Hendrik (brother of King William III, son of King William II)

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