A busy week

Yesterday I returned home after a few days The Hague, The Netherlands. My cousin got married nearby on Saturday and it was a wonderful wedding with a very happy couple. Even the weather was good, which is quite a miracle at the end of September. On Sunday my parents, sister and I walked through the center of The Hague for a while. Queen Beatrix wasn’t in the country, as there was no flag on top of the Noordeinde Palace. The garden at the back of the palace was open.

Back home I immediately could start working again, as more and more news about the Luxembourg wedding is coming in now. A few royal guests from The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan and Bulgaria have confirmed that they are coming. It is nice to know that the guestlist indeed will be good. However so far no surprises I’d say. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg has had good contacts with most European royal houses for some years. The couple’s monogram and a few nice pictures of them were released last week (copyright: Cour Grand Ducal).

And yesterday the Grand Ducal Court announced that members of the public can apply for a seat in the cathedral until 5 October. See for more information Wort.lu Just three more weeks to go until the big day. The Grand Ducal family added nice photo galleries of the past three big Luxembourg weddings on their website last week too, see here.

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