Planning a Royal Wedding Trip

Nothing is worse than already having booked hotel and train/plane in advance of a wedding, and then new details come to light. It actually happened to me almost ten years ago. I had already booked an early train on Thursday morning to get to Bückeburg in time for the wedding of Alexander Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe, when it became known that the civil wedding was to take place late on Thursday morning. Previously it had been reported that this event would take place on Friday, so I panicked a bit. Luckily my train left so early that I arrived in Bückeburg just about half an hour before the start of it. The railway station however was quite far away from the city hall, so I walked – with my luggage – as quick as I could. I just about made it, without dropping off my luggage. I just managed to grap my camera when the bridal couple arrived (who of course were a bit too early), but as you can imagine I didn’t really have a good spot. After the short ceremony me and my bag went to see Bückeburg Palace too, before finally getting to see my by the way very nice hotel and room …

It almost happened again. But luckily I only had prebooked a hotel for the Hannover wedding early July already, and not yet the trains. Now the dates of the wedding are confirmed and I have rebooked the hotel (luckily it still had some rooms left, as most hotels in the area are fully booked now), I can also safely book my train I hope. Just had to extend my stay with one extra night. Sorry, Prince Ernst August Jr of Hannover and Ekaterina Malysheva … but here I come! Just hope for some nice weather. Now me and some friends just have to see what to plan, as of course – although we have been in the area before – we want to see a little bit more than the wedding only. Another visit to Bückeburg Palace is high on the list.

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