Dutch Commemorative Plates

Recently I inherited three commemorative plates. They are rather old but still in an almost perfect state. Online I found a bit more information about them. I wonder how much they’re worth, but luckily (or not) for me they don’t seem to be as rare as I thought they might be. But maybe someone can tell me otherwise.

The eldest one is from 1909 and commemorates the birth of Princess Juliana on 30 April of that year. It was the first plate in a series of more than 50 souvenirs of the Dutch royal house. It was produced by De Porceleyne Fles in Delft, after a design of Leon Senf. It shows the Dutch lion, some orange blossom and oranges, as well as the name of Juliana of course, together with her date of birth.

The second plate is from 1913 and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Also this plate was produced by De Porceleyne Fles, and designed by Adolf le Comte. On top of the plate is the year 1813, below it the crowned portrait of the first King, Willem I and two Dutch lions.

The last one commemorates the 25th wedding anniversary of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands in 1926, again from “De Porceleyne Fles”. In the middle of the plate you see a fishing boat with someone on board with the Dutch flag. On the sails are the initials W and H, and in the waves the number 25. On the side it says “To the Silver Wedding of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik. 1901 – 7 February – 1926”.

The company “Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles” (also known as Royal Delft) exists since 1653 and is the last of the 32 earthenware factories from the 17th century that still exists. Since 1840 they’re the only one left. Since 1653 the factory had several owners. In 1919 they got permission to use ‘Royal’ in their name.

Their newest plate by the way commemorates the 50th birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and costs 399 Euro. See here.

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  1. I knew they were Delft just looking at them ( the age and the blue and white) Sorry, ant help on the price. It is nice when someone thinks of you when they have something royal.

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