Who is your favourite Dutch Royal?

And I am of course curious why. Up to three answers allowed.

Who is your favourite Dutch Royal?

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3 thoughts on “Who is your favourite Dutch Royal?

  1. I admire and respect Princess Mabel a great deal. She is a strong, courageous woman who has endured things that would have felled lesser people. When she is needed, she appears in public, but otherwise, she keeps herself to herself, and carries on. She is indomitable, and wonderfully human. She comes across as a real person. I must admit that I am delighted by her love of bows on her clothes.

  2. I voted King Willem- Alexander, he is doing a great job in a difficult world. But the other Dutch Royals have also my sympathy, they all do great work, each in his/ her own field of work

  3. Tja, hier vraag je wel iets heel erg moeilijks 😉 Mijn persoonlijke favorieten zijn prinses Annette, vooral om haar inzet voor de gehandicapten (of beperkten) in onze samenleving. Prinses Aimee om haar karakter, een hele lieve vrouw en prinses Viktoria de Bourbon de Parma om haar werk voor ‘Save the Children’ en deels ook weer haar karakter die ze heeft laten zien tijdens een ontmoeting.

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