New royal and noble books – December 2022

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Authors: Thomas Walter Köhler, Christian Mertens, Anton Pelinka (ed.).

Title: Ultimo. Österreichs letzter Kaiser im Übergang von der Monarchie zur Republik (Ultimo. Austria’s last emperor in the transition from monarchy to republic) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 5 December 2022 by Braumüller Verlag.

Language: German.


Author: Friedrich Polleroß.

Title: Die Repräsentation der Habsburger (1493-1806) (The Representation of the Habsburgs 1493-1806) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)

Publication: 1 December 2022 by Michael Imhoff Verlag.

Language: German.


Author: Thyge Christian Fønss-Lundberg.

Title: Mydtskov – De kongelige portrætter (Mydtskov – the royal portraits).

Publication: 5 December 2022 by Frydenlund.

Language: Danish.


Author: Mark Grinsted.

Title: Darling Ernie. Letters to Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine from his sisters, 1878-1892 (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 9 December 2022 by independently published.

Language: English. Also available in German (DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(IT)(ES)


Author: Dik van der Meulen.

Title: Bernhards oorlog. Het leven van een prins in ballingschap (Bernhard’s war. The life of a prince in exile).

Publication: 13 December 2022 by Querido (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Language: Dutch.


Author: Gyles Brandreth.

Title: Elizabeth, an intimate portrait

Publication: 8 December 2022 by Michael Joseph (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Language: English.


Author: Michèle Schindler.

Title: De la Pole, father and son. The duke, the earl and the struggle for power (NL)(DE 15-3-2023)(UK)(US 15-3-2022)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 15 December 2022 by Amberley Publishing.

Language: English.

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