Two royal podcasts making headlines

At the moment there are two royal podcasts that are making headlines.


In her podcast, that was launched on Spotify on 23 August 2022, The Duchess of Sussex investigates, dissects, and subverts the labels that try to hold women back. Each Tuesday once can hear another podcast, that was paused for a month when her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, died on 8 September. Meghan herself talks with her guest, each time discussing a certain label with experts, and especially with famous guests.

Corinna and The King

Produced by Project Brazen “Corinna and The King” started on 7 November 2022 and a new episode is published on Mondays. The podcast tells “the unbelievable true story of a love affair that brought the Spanish royal family to its knees. When Corinna, a worldly and well-connected businesswoman, fell in love with Juan Carlos I, the king of Spain, he seemed too big to fail. Their secret romance stretched across continents, but its unraveling would open a window into a dangerous world of greed, corruption, and crime. Vast pools of hidden wealth; international espionage and conspiracy; scandal, elephant hunting, and unstoppable lust… all tracing back to one of the most secretive royalties in the world.”

Don’t expect everything said is old news, I’ve already read and heard several new things. Corinna Larsen or Princess zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, to use the name of her former second husband isn’t yet finished talking about her relationship with King Juan Carlos of Spain. The story is being narrated by the American actress Mishel Prada in English. There is also a Spanish version, Corinna y El Rey, with Laura Gómez as the narrator.

The podcast can be found in English on Apple, Google, Amazon Music and Spotify.

In Spanish it is available on Apple, Google, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Other podcasts can be found here.

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