New royal and noble books – May 2021

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Author: Sandrine Fillipetti (ed.).

Title: Captives sous la Terreur. Louise-Emmanuelle de Châtillon, princesse de Tarente, Grace Dalrymple Elliott (Captives under Terror. Louise-Emmanuelle de Châtillon, Princess of Tarente, Grace Dalrymple Elliott).

Publication: 13 May 2021 by Mercure de France.

Language: French.


Author: Antje Windgassen.

Title: Königin Olga. Die Zarentochter auf dem württembergischen Thron (Queen Olga. The daughter of the Czar at the throne of Württemberg).

Publication: 10 May 2021 by Südverlag.

Language: German.


Author: Carmelo Cipriani (ed.).

Title: I disegni del re. L’educazione all’arte di Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia (The drawings of the king. The art education of Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoy).

Publication: 13 May 2021 by Gamgemi Editore.

Language: Italian.


Author: Giuseppe Conte.

Title: Maestà Maria Pia di Savoia.

Publication: 18 May 2021 by Editrice Il Punto Piemonte in Bancarella.

Language: Italian.


Author: Marina Pina.

Title: Pilar & Margarita. Las hermanas del rey Juan Carlos (Pilar & Margarita. The sisters of King Juan Carlos).

Publication: 19 May 2021 by La Esfera de los Libros S.L.

Language: Spanish.


Author: Sara Navas.

Title: La monarquía al desnudo: Del rey que nació en un retrete al soberano playboy (The naked monarchy: From the king who was born in a toilet to the sovereign playboy).

Publication: 24 May 2021 by Los Libros de la Catarata.

Language: Spanish.


Authors: Rodolfo Vera Calderón and Paula Galloni.

Title: Máxima. La construcción de una reina (Máxima. The making of a queen).

Publication: 1 May 2021 by Plaza & Janes.

Language: Spanish.


Author: Ronald de Graaf.

Title: Friso. Het tragische leven van Johan Willem Friso 1687-1711.

Publication: 18 May 2021 by Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam.

Language: Dutch.


Author: Robert Jobson.

Title: Prince Philip’s Century. The extraordinary life of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Publication: 13 May 2021 by Ad Lib Publishers Ltd.

Language: English.


Author: Hugo Vickers.

Title: Malice in Wonderland. My adventures in the world of Cecil Beaton.

Publication: 13 May 2021 by Hodder & Stoughton.

Language: English.

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