Engagement of the future heir of Bavaria

Photo copyrighted by a friend of mine, taken at a wedding they attended last weekend

Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, one day destinated to become the head of the Royal Family of Bavaria, on 3 August 2022 announced his engagement to Dutch-Canadian Sophie-Alexandra Evekink.

He was born in 1982 as son of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and his wife Beatrix Wiegand. She was reportedly born 1989 in Singapore. She seems to be a member of a Dutch patrician family with the name of Evekink, but the genealogy hasn’t been updated since the 1950s.

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  1. Netty spero tu stia preparando un articolo sulla famiglia olandese e Patrizia della futura principessa di Baviera☺️! Traduco con google :Netty I hope you are preparing an article about the Dutch and Patrician family of the future princess of Bavaria☺️! I translate with Google

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