Oranje-expert in the theatre on the occasion of King’s Day

What would you do when you’re one of the most known royalty-watchers of the Netherlands and after many, many Queen’s and King’s Days elsewhere in the country, the royal family finally comes to your home town? Oscar Meijer from Amersfoort became especially known, because for years he offered Queen Beatrix liquorice at Queen’s Day. Being a huge fan of the late Queen Juliana, he has followed the Dutch royals for many years. I met him in August 1999, now almost 20 years ago, for the first time. Not in the Netherlands, but after the reopening of Oranienburg, Berlin, Germany, by Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus.

Oscar near the Eemplein, 31 March 2019

This time, Oscar didn’t only want to stand along the route, no, he decided to do something special. In the evening of Thursday 25 April, two days before King’s Day, he will be in the theatre. At the big Theater Flint in Amersfoort he and comedian Patrick Nederkoorn will have their talkshow “Koningsdag: de generale”. If anybody wants to go, there are still tickets available. Unfortunately for me it is quite a trip and the week is very busy, so I can’t come. I however already heard a few stories, and I can tell you: it sounds great. I really admire Oscar for his courage to take part in this.

Patrick and Oscar will answer questions like: why Amersfoort this year, how to prepare for King’s Day, how to shake hands with Queen Máxima. The best dressed visitor (I think you need lots of orange) will be awarded and there will be a sack race.

There will be some very good guests too: from Amerfoorts mayor Lucas Bolsius to Dutch cultural historian Thomas von der Dunk, city poet Jaques de Waart, musicians Trio C tot de derde and Showband Juliana. And furthermore several (former) royalty journalists have announced they’re coming: Maartje van Weegen, Jeroen Snel, Rick Evers, Justine Marcella and from Belgium even Wim Dehandschutter.

At the end of the evening you should totally be prepared for a wonderful King’s Day. And if you like beer? In the restaurant of Flint, TREK, a special beer will be on sale in the week before King’s Day: white beer with orange by Rock City Brewing.

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