Royal Christmas Babies

Having your birthday at Christmas? I am not certain whether that is fun. I used to have a friend who had her birthday on 26 December. We were never too keen going there, and also for her it can’t have been so great. Lots of people who don’t come to visit you because it is Christmas. And of course also schools are closed so you can’t treat your classmates either on the day itself. Such a luck at that time in the Netherlands it wasn’t yet usual to give presents at Christmas. We traditionally celebrated Saint Nicholas on December 5th.

Once in a while also royals are being born during the Christmas days. Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th, but of course also Christmas Eve counts and in many countries like the Netherlands December 26th is celebrated as second Christmas Day. So therefore I list people born on 24 (we usually don’t know the time of birth), 25 and 26 December. I’ve only searched the genealogies of the European royal houses.

24 December

  • Prince Honoré II of Monaco was born in 1597.
  • Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia was born in 1784 (24 December new style).
  • Landgrave Wilhelm von Hessen-Kassel was born in 1787.
  • Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria was born in 1837 (10.43pm).
  • King George I of the Hellenes (Greece) was born in 1845.
  • Duchess Amalie Maria in Bavaria was born in 1865.
  • Duchess Marie Amalie von Württemberg was born in 1865.
  • Duchess Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin was born in 1879.
  • Ramon Orlandis y Villalonga was born in 1896. He became the husband of Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria-Tuscany.
  • Prince Ernst August zur Lippe was born in 1952.
  • Princess Anna Cecilia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies was born in 1971.
  • Brigid von Preussen (Prussia) was born in 1983.

25 December

  • Duke Eugen von Württemberg was born in 1820.
  • Princess Adelheid Marie von Anhalt was born in 1833.
  • Princess Hermine Reuss zu Greiz was born in 1840.
  • Princess Marie Sophie Elisabeth zur Lippe-Weissenfeld was born in 1886.
  • Prince Viggo of Denmark was born in 1893.
  • Stefanie Clemm von Hohenberg was born in 1900. She became the wife of Prince Heinrich XXXVII Reuss.
  • Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott was born in 1901. She became the wife of Henry, The Duke of Gloucester.
  • Princess Françoise d’Orléans was born in 1902.
  • Princess Herzeleide of Prussia was born in 1918.
  • Elmira Henke was born in 1930. She became the wife of Prince Albert of Saxony.
  • Prince Wolfgang of Liechtenstein was born in 1934.
  • Princess Alexandra of Kent was born in 1936.
  • Princess Donata-Viktoria of Prussia was born in 1952
  • Princess Alexandra of Liechtenstein was born in 1955.
  • Fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe was born in 1958.
  • Prince Bernhard van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (The Netherlands) was born in 1969.
  • Hereditary Prince Carl-Anton zu Waldeck und Pyrmont was born in 1991.
  • Prince Max zu Waldeck und Pyrmont was born in 2000.

26 December

  • Hercule, Marquis des Baux (Monaco) was born in 1623.
  • Julie Clary was born in 1771. She married Prince Joseph Bonaparte, for some years King of Naples and Sicily King of Spain and the Indies.
  • Grand Duke Ludwig II of Hesse and the Rhine (von Hessen und bei Rhein) was born in 1777.
  • Sophie Eleonore Friederike von Scheel was born in 1778. She became the wife of Prince Emil zu Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.
  • Princess Maria Eleonora of Liechtenstein was born in 1812.
  • Count Richard zu Waldeck und Pyrmont was born in 1835.
  • Donna Elisabetta Ruffo-Sasso was born in 1886. She became the wife of Prince Andrej of Russia.
  • Prince Alexander Ferdinand of Prussia was born in 1912.
  • Princess Maria of Savoy was born in 1914.
  • Friedrich Hubert Edler von Braun was born in 1934. He became the husband of Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria-Tuscany.
  • Christian Dienst was born in 1978. He is the husband of Princess Felipa of Bavaria.
  • Maria Cristina de Orleans e Bragança (Brazil) was born in 1989.

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