Royal craft club

Do you really have nothing to do these days or are trying to keep kids busy. Here are some tips for royal crafts for young and old. If you create anything, I’d love to see the results. For the ones in Dutch or German: simply use Google Translate.

If you’re handy with hairstyles, here are some royal examples to try out.

Make an animal mask with Queen Margrethe, unfortunately the video is a bit too short, but you get an idea how to do it. On the internet there are lots of examples how you could make one. Probably not as good as these, but it is still fun to do.

Stayed home with a cough for three weeks, and finally this week could buy myself an HDMI-cable, so I now can connect laptop and TV to have a somewhat bigger screen to play dance, fitness, zumba, yoga, etc. videos on, while exercising in the living room. I don’t have much space but it just is enough.

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