Like Queen Margrethe – Create your own royal Christmas decoration

Only just over three weeks until it is Christmas. No Christmas without an advent calendar. I’d rather have one with chocolate each day, but they can be cute without too. I just found this Buckingham Palace advent calendar with template that you can easily make yourself and I don’t even think you have to be that creative to make it.

Like in the past two years the Danish royal family comes with an advent calendar for Christmas on their Instagram account. This amazing video was posted on 30 November 2018. In it Queen Margrethe II introduces the Christmas calendar. “Once upon a time” … and so it is. The Queen cut out and pasted a family of four elves and in the coming weeks they will tell you the hidden and forgotten stories about Danish kings, queens, princes and princesses they will find in their quest for rice pudding in the old attic of the Fredensborg Palace. Hopefully in the end they will find the rice pudding and enjoy their Christmas as much as the Danish royals.

Queen Margrethe is known for creating her own Christmas decoration. The paper elves in the video don’t look like they’re difficult to create. I think actually they are more or less created the same way as these Santa Claus figures. If you like your own Danish Christmas tree decorations, here are some examples:

Picture from Pixabay

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