How do you manage your royal collection?

I am sure this sounds pretty familiar to lots of other collectors with just limited space in their house. Once in a while I look around in my house and think it is really time to clean up the mess. That moment came again this week. Piles of magazines and other stuff collected in the past two years or so covered part of my bedroom. I try to keep all issues of Vorsten Royale, Royalty, Majesty, European Royal History Journal and Royalty Digest Quarterly. But of course most of the articles in other magazines are not even interesting enough to keep. I just need to cut out all interesting articles from the other magazines and then throw away the rest of the magazines. It is however not something I do regularly. So yes, it was really time to start again. Of course I haven’t finished yet, but at least something is gone already.

But what to do with all the articles and pictures I keep. To be honest, I have put it all in boxes and at least most of it is selected. However I never seem to find the time to really do something with it. I used to make scrapbooks, but it becomes harder and harder to find nice scrapbooks, and due to new regulations glue is too wet nowadays so articles don’t look good anymore in scrapbooks. So for the moment I have given up. And what should I keep and what should I not keep. Surely I am not interested in bad quality paparazzi pictures, neither in pictures of royals in swimwear (or even without it). But it is so hard to decide what is great, nice or just not interesting enough to keep? Even if you have decided you like family photos, jubilees, state visits, births, christenings, weddings and funerals most, there is always something else that looks just too great. And the problem is, I love all kind of royal families, and am not just interested in one of them.

I know people who just scan in everything and keep it on their computers. Not me. I am just too afraid it will get lost somehow. And now I am not even yet talking about overloaded bookshelves 🙂

So I’d love to know how other people manage their collections, and what kind of solutions they found …

7 thoughts on “How do you manage your royal collection?

  1. Ik heb helaas ook nog geen oplossing. Dat van artikelen en foto’s bewaren die bestemd zijn voor een plakboek herken ik. Ik kom er alleen nooit aan toe om ze in plakboeken te bewaren, dus zwerven ze overal, maar weggooien kan ik ook niet.. Ik denk dat daar binnen nu en 5 jaar wel een oplossing voor moet komen..

    1. Dan ziet er bij jou al bijna net zo erg uit als bij mij. Hier ligt zo’n 15-20 jaar aan knipsels, en dan niet van één maar meerdere koningshuizen, adellijke families e.d.

  2. Ik plak de krantenartikelen, foto’s, etc. wel in plakboeken. Ik plak ze in met fotohoekjes en dat werkt aardig! Het is inderdaad lastig om mooie plakboeken te vinden, maar daarvoor ga ik meestal naar de hema en eventueel versier ik de voor-en achterkant.

      1. Tot nog toe blijft bij mij alles op z’n plaats zitten. Maar de plakboeken zijn bij de hema niet meer te koop, misschien dat ik ze nog via internet kan bestellen, en anders ga ik over op digitale boeken…

  3. I haven’t found a good solution either. Books are a bit scattered over the house. My magazines are all together. While I do have some other royal stuff (stamps, cards and such), I decided to focus on books, as they are the most useful and come in handy quite often.

    1. I think books take quite a lot of space unfortunately, as do magazines and articles. But yes, there are books you absolutely must have because they come in very handy when you look for information. But I wonder if I not better sell a few that I don’t think are very interesting.

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