Video: The funeral of King Constantine II of Greece

The funeral of former King Constantine II of Greece, who died on 10 January 2023 in Athens aged 82, can be watched here. It starts with the viewing in the morning at the Agios Eleftherios Chapel, where Greeks could say goodbye. It is followed by carrying the coffin outside to the Metropolitan Cathedral next door, where the main service took place. Also the arrivals of the guests, including many royals, can be watched. Finally, after a break in which there is hardly anything to see, the short service in the chapel in Tatoi can also be followed.

One thought on “Video: The funeral of King Constantine II of Greece

  1. From the enthusiasm expressed by the crowds, I imagine that if a second referendum were held… that the Greek people would elect to Restore the Monarchy!

    Thus… Long Live King Paul II!

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