Full of plans

All of the sudden my agenda is starting to look full again. Now Covid-19 doesn’t dictate every day of my life anymore, I start making plans and even start to attend events with people. On Monday evening I was at the Groninger Forum where Queen Máxima of the Netherlands handed out the Koning Willem I-Prijzen (King Willem I Prizes). A report with a few pictures will of course follow. This weekend I intend to go to a folk dance ball, have to check something at the library, probably write a newsletter, and will watch the new documentary about the Queen on BBC.

I hopefully will have pictures of two noble/royal weddings in the coming two weeks, of which one I hope to attend myself (update: that wedding was moved elsewhere). And then it is Pentecost with some nice events at castles, especially on 6 June when it is the Day of The Castle. I still plan to visit Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn somewhere in June and on 25 June I might go to Op Roakeldais, a folk dance festival with groups from all over the world.

Furthermore I am finally planning a real vacation again: one week Denmark in July. As the airports are a huge mess I intend to go by train. On the program are a lot of castles: Glücksburg (Germany), Koldinghus, Amalienborg, Rosenborg, Frederiksborg, Kronborg and probably even Sofiero. I can hardly wait seeing all these wonderful exhibitions in Denmark right now and meet with some people. An American friend of mine already was in Denmark in the past days and I have enjoyed his pictures on Facebook. Let’s hope for nice weather!

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