My year 2018 – A roller coaster

2018 I wanted to celebrate the 20th birthday of NettyRoyal on 26 October 2018, I wanted to travel, visit castles and exhibitions, meet with friends, see a few royal weddings. I had lots of plans. Almost nothing came of it unfortunately. Although, I did publish my first book!

2018 was certainly not what I had hoped for and at my age (now 45) and always having been relatively healthy I also hadn’t thought it would happen to me. In January 2018 however I was diagnosed with an illness that had its influence on my whole life this year. For the first time ever I spent a few days in hospital, had surgery, had lots of treatment and still haven’t finished. Life is fleeting, as I have noticed, and you never know what the new year brings. I also never knew that I had so much strenght in me.

2018 has been a roller coaster full of emotions and scare. But after telling friends and most relatives in February I also learnt how supportive people can be. Even when in the end you have to do it all by yourself, it is amazing how many people think of you. I received lots of postcards, some letters, packages, visitors when I was up to it. As cycling was not going well, friends of mine picked me up at home when we were occasionally going somewhere, even when that meant a longer drive for them. I can never thank everybody enough for all the support I received. I met a cute red stray cat that comforted me and is now living with me, although he still doesn’t like being in the house a lot. I named him Prince Harry.

2018 I kept on working, despite of loosing my concentration regularly. As a freelance journalist without secure income you need to if you can. But work also kept me going, as did my royal hobby. I can safely say that without the royals I had been lost and might have been sitting on the sofa or lying in my bed most of the time. Yes, I was tired, but I still managed to do something behind my computer and I did enjoy following royal events at home on my computer and on my television. I even went to see a few exhibitions and enjoy King’s Day in my own city. Although I am sure regular visitors have noticed that I posted less messages on this blog than the previous year, and haven’t done lots of updates of my website. I simply didn’t have the energy for it.

I am happy to say it seems to look good. I very slowly get my condition back, have started dancing again, although I am certainly not there yet. My eyes are still playing tricks once in a while, my muscles are still stiff. And I don’t know for sure what the future will be as there unfortunately isn’t a 100 % guarantee that the illness won’t come back. Let’s hope 2019 will have more positive surprises for me and lots of royal treats.

King’s Day 2018

7 thoughts on “My year 2018 – A roller coaster

  1. Dear Netty,

    so sorry this was such a hard year for you and working on must have been so tolling on your strength.

    Now I wish you a happy New Year. Lets hope its a good one without any fear.


  2. Happy New Year, dear Netty! You are indeed amazingly strong and you have been an inspiration to all of us who have come to greatly value you. I do wish you a much easier 2019 than the challenging year you have just endured with grace, equanimity and fortitude.

  3. Wishing you much better health in 2019 and beyond! And I hope you add to the list of things you’d like to do as part of an ongoing “bucket list” of hopes and dreams that need achieving as your health improves. Thank you for the wonderful work you do covering the Royal families of the world! It’s a fine, fun fantasy to be able to see and absorb what their daily lives really are from a common sense point of view, rather than lumping them all together with a sneery, dismissive attitude that some people would prefer us to have.
    Good luck in all you do and have fun in 2019!

  4. I wish you a very Happy New Year and that your health continues to head in a positive direction as it is now. Yes, things will still go slowly as you progress, but continue to focus on yourself while enjoying family and friends. You are a dear person and deserve the best the New Year can offer. All my best and many happy returns.
    Karen C.

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