Prince Harry: The adventures of a royal cat (5)

It has been a while since you heard something from me.

For months I have mainly been living outside for most of the day. I only came home for food. Netty was even worrying that I had found myself a new mom, which of course isn’t true. That all has changed a few days ago. The reason is called “winter” it seems.

Two years ago I happily played in the snow, enjoying the white flocks falling from the air. But this time it is not only quite white outside, but also awfully cold, especially at night. Not my idea of an ideal world. My feet sink deep into the snow. Whenever I am in a spot where there is no snow, I have to clean my paws. And even the water in my bowl outside is covered with snow and ice.

So I have decided I only go out if I want some fresh air and quietness, and for a pee and a poo, although it is not easy to find a place where I can do that. I do wonder however why Netty goes outside too and even takes her camera with her. Last week she chased me everywhere to take pictures of me in the snow.

For now I am happily staying inside for most of the day. I either sleep on the coffee table, in the nice box that Netty brought in last week, or on the bed. As long as she fills my bowls with food and water I am OK with that. Sometimes I just look at Netty to see if she can use some magic to let that white stuff disappear. But she says she is not Harry Potter, whoever that is. Hopefully I will be able to be outside a lot again soon. Netty says it might take at least another week …

from Royal Cat Prince Harry

2 thoughts on “Prince Harry: The adventures of a royal cat (5)

  1. Hello Prince Harry cat. You are wise to stay home with mum in the cold snowy weather.
    Have a sunny day, handsome. Lady Arthur Monet says hello. 🐾🐾

  2. Dear Harry! So good to hear from you again! I understand you so well, I hate the cold and the snow myself, and I hope it will disappear soon! Stay healthy and warm, and keep us updated. Best wishes from budgie Alfred and his “mother”. πŸ˜ƒ

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