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The year 2020 hasn’t been as good as we’d all hoped for. No big royal events, no big travels. There were however several births, christenings, engagements and weddings, and unfortunately also a few deaths. Most sensational things that happened in the past year must surely have been the exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Delphine Boël winning her case and becoming a Princess of Belgium.

There were a few nice photosessions, birthdays and national day celebrations – with Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway being the most creative -, and as usual a few scandals, that probably attracted much more media attention than it would have been without Covid-19 crisis. The Spanish King and Queen travelled through their country, in some countries like Belgium the royal children were more visible than ever before. Unfortunately the crisis also became a struggle for many royal families to keep on working, partly online and thus much less visible.

Last week the blog was moved to my original URL and my old website was deleted (or rather became part of the blog). Sometimes I have posted a lot of articles, sometimes I didn’t find enough time for it. This Summer I decided it was more important to stay healthy and I started cycling. After the Summer my father’s health was more important. But anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this blog and keep on visiting. Up to 2021!

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Here is the top 10 of posts in 2020 (not all written in 2020)

2 thoughts on “The year 2020 of NettyRoyal

  1. Hi Netty:
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I only discovered your blog in 2020 and I find it is one of the more interesting blogs on Royalty around. Having only just discovered it, I am finding so many interesting posts from the past and I suspect I will continue to find them for a while as you have many, many, events and years covered.
    I look forward to reading your blog in 2021 and I hope your New Year will be filled with good health, exciting travel and wonderful times spent with friends and family.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. Nice to hear that people are still enjoying the site/blog. There is a lot there, so just keep on looking and searching.
      Happy new year to you too.

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