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Already for a while I have been thinking how I could monetize my blog. In October 2023 my website will celebrate its 25th anniversary, which seems to be almost unbelievable. In all these years I have never asked for money and made it my goal to inform people better about known and unknown royal and noble families from all over the world. Through the blog I got to know many people, even got myself a job, but it is not that I earn a lot of money with it. Selling pictures, merchandize, lectures, Q&As, courses, books … you name it and I have thought about it. So if anyone has some good suggestions let me know.

I know people don’t like adds, but that seems to be one way to start earning a little bit of money. With Black Friday sales, St. Nicholas, Christmas and other feasts coming, I hope that some of you would be so kind to buy your books via my Amazon links, that can either be found in the menu on the right of my blog and in the latest lists of new books.

7 thoughts on “Monetizing NettyRoyal

  1. I have loved reading your website for many years now. In the early days, I would have to pace myself because the updates weren’t so frequent. I’d be happy to help you out with clicking through to Amazon for book purchases.

  2. Hello Netty. You are perhaps the very first blog that has enabled me to continue learning and delving more into the history of certain royal families, both known and unknown . You are my go to and I am really happy to have stuck by for all these years.

    In fact, the books you have suggested has been great for me to kill time at work. Especially when you have nearly 2hrs of break time. I don’t mind clicking through your Amazon books purchases. Your dedication has establish a sense of trust from me and so I know you wouldn’t do me or any of your frequent readers/viewers wrong.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      It is a pity there are far too many books (I read Dutch, German and English) that I would like to read. Still a huge pile here at home that should be read and some on the e-reader too.

  3. Hi, Netty! Between the blog and overseeing the forum, I really don’t know how you do it. Whatever you decide to do regarding monetizing, I will support you.

  4. May I suggest that you evaluate as a way of monetizing your professional work.

    Essentially, this is a “subscription” site, where each individual author can charge an ongoing monthly fee for their work, very much like a traditional magazine subscription. I subscribe to one author/columnist and find it a very fair way to enjoy their creative output while directly compensating them for their professional effort.

    Success with the Substack business model likely will require some changes in how you “blog” and some flexibility in approach. Yet it may have some advantages as well as a route to monetizing the type if content you post..

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