The top 10 of posts in 2019

2019 personally  has been a much better year for me than 2018. My health is slowly getting better, although I am not there yet. I have been able to travel again, visit places, meet friends and acquaintances. Concentrating on work is getting better, I have read books again. My cat Prince Harry slowly gets used to having a home, although he really didn’t like his surgery late August.

I haven’t changed the blog design anymore, as I do like it a lot. I noticed even some newspapers use the same kind of design. I started the year 2018 with a new blog design, about which I am still quite happy. This one is post number 633 on this blog. I posted 137 times on the blog in 2019 with a total of 80,122 words. Most comments come via Facebook and Twitter, while unfortunately few people comment on the blog itself. There were only 115 comments on the blog in 2019, and 25 likes.

4,505 people are subscribing to this blog via email, WordPress or social media accounts. 3,708 people follow me on Twitter, and 558 people like my Facebook site. The blog ended with 653,322 hits, according to the statistics 2019 had 100,003 views and 44,857 unique visitors. With 11,056 hits, March 2019 was the month that saw most visitors. Unfortunately the record of 4,318 views in one day on 1 October 2018 wasn’t broken.

Most visitors this year came from the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Norway and Italy. The most popular day seems to be Friday, while most visitors turn up late in the evening my time, 9pm, when I am usually not sitting behind my computer anymore. Thanks to everyone who visited in 2019. I hope to see you back in 2020.

Here is the top 10 of 2019, and surely not all posts were written in 2019.

Apart from that also my blogroll is rather popular, with 7,127 visitors in 2019.

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