The winners! Palace Noordeinde contest

Unfortunately The Noordeinde Palace in The Hague won’t open its doors this year because of Covid-19. I have visited both the palace (2016) and the stables (2017) already. No visit in 2018 because of health problems, and a press visit in 2019. I had tickets for 2019, but couldn’t go because they closed the doors because of the death of Princess Christina. I had hoped to come back in 2020, and had a first option to buy tickets, but unfortunately …

When cleaning up the bookcases I stumbled across a few visitor’s guides of the palace. They’re not huge, but colourful and rather interesting. I have one extra in English and one in Dutch (2017 version), as well as the children’s booklet in English. As maybe people might be interested, I thought of holding a small competition. Send in your answers to the following questions and tell me whether you want to win the Dutch version or the English version (the latter one with children’s booklet) of the visitor’s guide.

  1. Who were the first two royal inhabitants of the palace?
  2. Which foreign royal inherited the palace in 1702?
  3. Wilhelmina – Juliana – Beatrix: which Queen wasn’t born at Palace Noordeinde?
  4. In which year the central part of the palace was destroyed by a fire?
  5. Which royal couple of the present generation appeared on the balcony of the palace after their marriage?

Send your answers here until 31 July: contact

These were the answers:

  1. Louise de Coligny and her son Prince Frederik Hendrik
  2. The King of Prussia, Friedrich I. His mother Louise Henriette, was a daughter of Frederik Hendrik
  3. Beatrix, who was born at Soestdijk Palace
  4. 1948
  5. Prince Constantijn and his bride Laurentien Brinkhorst

I had hoped that some more people would participate, but unfortunately. It was really not that difficult! Thanks Paul (English), Peter and Cees (Dutch) for answering correctly. I get back to you and will send you all a booklet. Oscar from the Netherlands participated out of competition, but of course he sent in the correct answers too.

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