The Memoirs of Prince Andreas

This weekend I was at the Royal Gatherings conference in The Hague, Netherlands. One of the highlights was the presentation of’s newest book: “I did it my way … Memoirs of HH Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”. We were quite honoured that Prince Andreas himself and his youngest son Prince Alexander had agreed to come to the conference for this occasion. In the lunchbreak Prince Andreas also signed books at Bookshop Van Hoogstraten. Actually a pity I had decided not to take my big camera with me, as there were a few nice possibilities to take photos.

I now only need to find the time to read the book. I am quite curious to be honest. Although being the head of one of Germany’s most known royal families, he partly grew up in the USA, and has some very interesting family ties. The foreword of this book for example was written by a relative of Prince Andreas, King Simeon of Bulgaria. I am glad that he cherishes the history of his family and had publish several books about his family. Already published is “The Coburgs of Europe: The Rise and Fall of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s European Family”, and for next year the publication of “Memoirs of my Life” by Countess Viktoria Luise zu Solms-Baruth, Prince Andreas’ mother is foreseen.

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