Royal 3D Puzzles

In November I bought myself three 3D puzzles from the series “World famous landmarks to be build at home” at the Lidl-supermarket. They are made in Germany and are a much cheaper and much less sophisticated version of the 3D puzzles by Ravensburger.

The boxes promise a simple slot-in-system and no cutting or gluing necessary. At first I only bought Neuschwanstein Castle (64 pieces) and Buckingham Palace (74 pieces) and ended up also buying Tower Bridge (40 pieces).

Although the boxes say they are suitable for children/people older than 8 years old, I can tell you they are really not as easy to make as it seems. Each building costs me up to two hours to create, despite of the rather clear instructions. Especially the smaller and thinner pieces were quite difficult to assemble. But in the end I managed, although the tiny pieces of Buckingham Palace didn’t fully succeed.

I am not sure if I am going to keep them, but it was fun trying to create them, and Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge really look like the real buildings a bit. Neuschwanstein Castle however doesn’t quite look like its original.

One thought on “Royal 3D Puzzles

  1. Leuk tijdverdrijf in deze akelige Coronatijd! Gelukkig de mens, die zichzelf zo kan vermaken! Mama

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