You’ve got royal mail (4)

My first thought when I saw my mail today on the doormat was: who has died now? I only saw the back of the envelope at first, which clearly is a mourning letter, but didn’t have any other distinctions. Only when looking at the front it became clear that this actually was a card to thank me for my condolences after the death of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. I am a bit surprised to see my name written as Netty N. Leistra on the envelope, as I normally don’t use the middle initial myself, but I must be in their database somewhere.

Anyway, the envelope contains a simple card with a text in French and signed by Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg – I thought at first it could be a real signature, but I think it is a good printed one as on the card a friend of mine received, the signature is on exactly the same spot and looks the same too. I also received a prayer card, showing Grand Duke Jean on the front, the Consolatrix Afflictorum Notre-Dame de Luxembourg on the back. Inside are in French the genealogical dates of Grand Duke Jean, on the other side in German a short prayer. I appreciate very much that they have taken the time to send a card to thank for the condolences.

2 thoughts on “You’ve got royal mail (4)

  1. It was very thoughtful of you to send condolences. It was equally thoughtful of them to thank you. Very nice article.

  2. May he rest in peace. The family’s response and picture of Grand Duke Jean is a lovely memory for you, Netty.

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